Intoxication Assault

DWI Involving a Car Accident

Intoxication assault is a DWI case that involves a car accident. In addition to proving a DWI, the government must also prove that someone suffered a serious bodily injury caused by the intoxicated driver. Serious bodily injury is when a person suffers an injury that will bother them for the rest of their life.

Intoxication assault is a third degree felony, meaning it is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Call the experts for personal injury lawyers and affordable DUI lawyers in San Antonio & Corpus Chrisi, TX.  

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As these cases carry the possibility of a decade in prison, it is very important that a person charged with this offense talks to a lawyer. Trust our experience, and call us at (210) 718-0271.

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