How do we define a successful resolution of a case?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I never get to decide whether a client takes a plea bargain or whether we try the case. Both the United States and Texas constitutions demand that decision to be made by the accused. So as a lawyer I judge a case to be successfully concluded when either we win a trial or motion; or when a client decides they want to take the deal offered by the prosecutor. In evaluating the cases I have handled over the past 3 years I am very confident in saying I have achieved a successful result in 99% of those cases.  

In both 2013 and 2014, I completed each year without losing a single trial. In 2015 I have gotten about 45 cases dismissed or won at trial as of this writing. During that time I have only lost one case. That guy ended up having to pay $25 in court costs and had no other probation; but I still lost sleep over losing the trial.  

Nowadays, every person’s case hinges upon unique facts, but I believe the results I have had over the past several years speak volumes about how dedicated I am to results in my client’s cases. Give me a call so we can talk about how to make your case the next case on this list!

Success Stories


State v DM - Case we have been fighting for two years was finally dismissed at a trial setting. CASE DISMISSED

State v AB - Convinced the prosecutors to DISMISS ON A FELONY CASE.

State v RS - Client had a case for failing to ID. We were able to talk to the prosecutors and get the case DISMISSED

State v AG - Very difficult DWI 2nd case and a weapon case from the same day. We were hired after the previous attorney refused to try the case because he said it was too difficult. While it was a difficult case we fought with the prosecutor over the admissibility of their evidence and, after many hearings, convinced the state to DISMISS BOTH CHARGES.

December 2016

State v AR - Client was charged with stealing a car. Unfortunately client was caught red handed. We were able to get the client DEFERRED PROBATION ON A FELONY

State v DM - Client was charged with his 5th DWI. We pled the case because it was clear he would lose at trial. While he was sentenced to prison; client was given the MINIMUM PRISON SENTENCE ALLOWED BY LAW


State v EL - This was a trial case were client is a commercial truck driver who was alleged to have sped. we tried the case to a jury and unfortunately they came back against my client for my only guilty verdict of 2016. We did however convince the jury to impose the MINIMUM FINE ALLOWED after trial.

State v RP - Case were client had a car accident and left the scene. We were able to work with client's insurance company and the prosecutor to get him a REDUCTION and UNSUPERVISED DEFERRED.


State v RCP - Client was a commercial truck driver charged with driving an overweight vehicle. The prosecution originally wanted over $3000 in fees. After an attack on the maintenance of the scale used to measure the truck we were able to force the state to DISMISS the case.

State v RS - Commercial truck driver was given a ticket for excessive speed. We attacked the officers basis for the stop and were able to convince the prosecutor to DISMISS.

State v AB - client was charged with driving without a license. This case was particularly troubling because client had tried with three different lawyers to get his license back over a period of 5 years. He paid those lawyers and they didn't get the work done. After diligent work we were able to get client his license back and got the state to DISMISS.


State v JR - client got two cases dismissed after three years of fighting his cases. Incidentally this is exactly what RC told the prosecutors would happen at the beginning of his representation. CASE DISMISSED.

State v GG - Client got a felony theft case reduced to time served on a misdemeanor. This is a very good result considering client was looking at the possibility of 10 years in prison and was able to satisfy that with about a month in jail. REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR.

State v BA - Felony case where we questioned the stop, got the video and convinced the prosecutor to DISMISS

State v MO - Client hired us after trying to handle a case on his own. We were able to go in and get the CASE DISMISSED

State v CBL - Client hired us more than halfway through the case and after significant rulings against them. The original offer was to do 8 years in prison. Through diligent attacks on the scientific processes the state was using, we were able to change the plea bargain to two years probation. Because client had already been to prison before this was an excellent result on a difficult case. FELONY PROBATION GRANTED

August 2016

State v JG - client had gone through six years of a ten year probation without violating and his probation officer decided to file a motion to revoke his probation based on one positive drug test. We fought the allegations of the probation officer and managed to get client's PROBATION TERMINATED even though he had four more years of probation to do. Client went home with no additional cost or time to serve in jail.

State v JV - client came to me and said that the substance the state claimed was cocaine was in fact hydrocodone. We fought the state on their allegations and asked more discovery from the lab. After fighting with them on several different occasions we got the Judge to agree with us and FELONY CASE DISMISSED.

State v CD - DWI with child passenger case were client was looking at possibly two years in prison. We watched the video and went through the blood discovery evidence. After evaluating our options and preparing for trial, client made an informed decision to accept a FELONY REDUCED TO A MISDEMEANOR on this case. Very positive result.

State v CG - Client was on a felomy probation when he picked up a DWI case. After reviewing the evidence client was unfortunately very heavily intoxicated. He was looking at the possibility of going to prison for 20 years and having a conviction for DWI. We managed to get the DWI REDUCED and get his FELONY PROBATION REINSTATED with no convictions for anything.

State v SW - client was charged with DWI second offense and had a breath test result of 0.089. we prepared this case for trial over two years. After much work we are able to get the DWI REDUCED and client had NO CONVICTIONS.

State v PC - I was hired on a traffic ticket when the judge refused to give client the deferred prosecution that the law demands. After we prepared the case for trial and appeared in court we were able to get the CASE DISMISSED, a sure win for the client when the court was being unreasonable.

JULY 2016

State v JM - This is a case that RC had worked on for over three years. Case was alleged as a first degree felony, one in which a person can spend the rest of their life in prison. Through diligent Lawyering RC was able to reduce the case to a misdemeanor and get his client two years of deferred probation. The co defendant on this case is currently in prison serving a six year sentence.  

State v JJ - Family violence case where we set it for trial after an investigation. At the brink of trial the state realized what we knew all along, that the case was never going to be proven. CASE DISMISSED.

State v JP - This was a DWI 2nd with a high blood test. We were able to get the blood test excluded from evidence, which made it a pretty good case for the defense. We were prepared to go to trial and explained the risks to the client. He decided he would rather take a deal that saw him serve NO PROBATION for the offense as it was reduced to a DWI 1st.

State v CBL - Three cases client picked up over a six month period of time. Client was looking at the possibility of 18 months in jail but we were able to get all the cases DISMISSED for payment of a fine.

State v JS - DWI case where we were able to show serious errors in the blood analysis. because of these errors the case was DISMISSED.

State v FQ - dwi case were RC came on as the second attorney just for the trial. When the prosecution realized who they were trying the case against they dismissed on the day of trial. DWI DISMISSED. 

JUNE 2016

State v JS: client had a DWI case and a felony assault. we fought the DWI and got the DWI DISMISSED and the ASSAULT REDUCED TO A MISDEMEANOR.

State v SG: client was a commercial driver accused of driving 95 mph in a big rig. w challenged the science behind the radar device and were able to get the case reduced to a non moving violation. saved client his drivers license.

State v CF: client was accused of a second degree assault with a delay weapon (possibility of 2-20 years in prison). After two years of fighting the deadly weapon allegations, we got the state to admit it wasn't a deadly weapon after all and reduced the felony to a misdemeanor assault meaning the client only has to serve one year of probation.  

State v SF: client was caught in someone's house and charged with burglary. Due to the criminal history of the client we were looking at a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of life in prison. Managed to get the client 3 years of probation by negotiating with the State.

State v RDR: Client was charged with DWI with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.25. We requested the scientific documents and the videos in the case and set it for trial. On the eve of picking a jury the State reduced the case to obstruction of a highway and client got deferred adjudication for one year.

May 2016

State v AL - Drug case where we were able to get a felony DISMISSED and get the client into a treatment program to deal with her addiction issues.  

State v RG - Trial case where we showed up to the court prepared and organized. After the prosecutor started to understand our defensive theory they relented and DISMISSED.

State v CS - two cases from one arrest where we challenged whether the officers properly came into contact with the client. Judge agreed with us and the state DISMISSED THEM BOTH.

State v JM - a driving without a drivers license case where the state made a mistake is when the drivers license suspension was supposed to begin. After a year of Bureaucracy, the State looked through the paperwork I provided and agreed that the suspension should not have been imposed. CASE DISMISSED.

April 2016

State v PV - trial where client was a commercial driver's license holder. We went to midland and offered to pay $2,500 pre-trial to not have a conviction. The prosecutor said no, so we took our case to a Jury. Jury came back NOT GUILTY. Client kept his commercial drivers license and his job.

State v GG - DWI case where the client was arrested in December. Was able to show through scientific evidence that the officer was untruthful in his report. CASE DISMISSED.

State v JW - Client was a commercial driver who was charged with a speeding ticket. The court really jerked us around and had us drive in from out of town for a trial four times, before we actually got to try the case. Thankfully the jury agreed, JW was NOT GUILTY.

State v ER - Case where a very young client was arrested for evading arrest after he was a passenger in a car accident. Set the case for trial, and explained to the prosecutor that the officer did not have the legal authority to ask my client to stay at the scene. Prosecutor agreed and the case was DISMISSED.

State v EB - Case where my client was arrested in her own house on Thanksgiving day for allegedly standing in the way of a police officer. Set the case for trial, and the State finally watched all 32 of the videos from the night of her arrest. They agreed that she never should have been arrested and DISMISSED the case.

March 2016

State v HR - case were client was charged with the felony case of evading in a motor vehicle. She hired me and we reviewed the videos to discover the police had arrested the driver of THE WRONG CAR. Case was DISMISSED.

State v JH-commercial driver who was charged with having an overweight violation. this violation carries penalties of up to $5000, but we were able to go through the paper work with the prosecutor and got the case DISMISSED.

State v DS - another commercial driver charged with an overweight violation. Challenged whether the scales in question had been properly calibrated and forced the state to DISMISS.

February 2016

State v AB - this was a client who with another attorney had put on probation. he came to me and we were able to get the motion to revoke his probation WITHDRAWN and his probation over.  

State v RH - two traffic tickets for a client who could not have any moving violations on her record. Put the cases up for trial and got them DISMISSED.

State v JA - DPS was attempting to suspend my client's license because of tickets gotten out of state several years ago. Fought the suspension and kept the client's license.

State v MT - client was on probation for a sexual contact by exposure and picked up three new cases. I was able to keep the client on probation and get all three new casesDISMISSED.

January 2016

State v CM - DWI case were we had represented the client for about two years. Argued that the state did not have enough evidence to keep the defendant charged and eventually the Judge agreed. Case DISMISSED

State v KH - two felony cases including an alleged assault on a police officer and a DWI 3rd.  Argued the State did not carry their burden and got both cases DISMISSED.

State v JQ - a case where client allegedly passed off bad checks.  was able to get the case DISMISSED.

State v RNV - client was facing the possibility of four consecutive life sentences.  Managed to get two of the cases DISMISSED and reduced the other two to a total of 10 years in prison.  Normally going to prison is not a success, but considering the possibility of 400 years in prison, 10 years is pretty good.  

State v MT - client was on probation for a sexual contact by exposure and picked up three new cases. I was able to keep the client on probation and get all three new cases DISMISSED

December 2015
State v RJ - Client picked up 3 felony and two misdemeanor cases and was looking at the possibility of 30 years in prison. managed to get 4 of the cases dismissed and him out on probation.

State v DAD - took over this DWI case from an attorney who withdrew, watched the video and immediately noticed problems with the way the officers came into contact with the client. Set the case for a motion where the Judge agreed and the case was DISMISSED.

State v AM - DWI case where client was allegedly drinking and taking prescription drugs. Attacked the credibility of the lab and the amounts involved and managed to get the case DISMISSED.

State v DS - A case where my client was likely arrested for being Black, he was charged with resisting arrest and criminal trespass. Video showed he clearly wasn't trespassing so got it DISMISSED and managed to reduce the resisting arrest to a traffic ticket level disorderly conduct.  

State v DJM - traffic ticket cases that we set for trial because they were the underlying reasonable suspicion for a DWI and a Drug case. Managed to show that the officers acted inappropriately because client had a video of them doing things they claimed not to do. Managed to get the traffic tickets DISMISSED and helped another lawyer get the DWI REDUCED and the drug case 

State v DT - Commercial driver accused of speeding 20 over the limit, took the case to trial were it was DISMISSED.

State v JC - Commercial driver accused of going 25 mph over the limit. managed to get the prosecution to agree to a deal that kept the ticket off his record and no points on his drivers license.

State v DD - DWI case were we challenged the officer's ability to stop client's car. Judge agreed with us and the case was DISMISSED.

November 2015
State v. EP - reckless driving case where the client was arrested after campus police demanded he give a breathalyzer. Was able to get the case DISMISSED.

State v. DR. - assault case where teenage client allegedly attacked her mom. Set he case for trial and got the state to DISMISS.

State v CGH - assault case where client allegedly attacked a neighbor in her apartment complex. Set the case for trial and eventually got the case DISMISSED

State v EP - reckless driving case where we convinced the State to DISMISS the case before the first trial setting in such a way that the case can be immediately expunged.
State v PFR - resisting arrest case were we picked a jury and the officers suddenly produced a new police report. After a lengthy argument the judge granted a mistrial for the officer's malfeasance and the state agreed to let the case be reduced to a traffic ticket level offense.  

October 2015

State v AV Assault case where client is a nurse. we took the case to trial and forced the state to DISMISS.

State v. JMV - client had 4 cases from three different arrest dates. Took the Assault to trial were the state finally dismissed the case. Fought the next set of arrests on a motion to suppress where the state eventually dismissed and client pled to deferred adjudication on the last charge. 3 cases DISMISSED

State v CMC - DWI case where we argued to the prosecutor that the stop was not legally justified. After a year of diligent representation the case was DISMISSED

State v GR - DWI 2nd where another lawyer originally had the case. After that lawyer told the client there was no hope, he hired me and we set the case for trial. at the trial the state agreed to DISMISS the case.

State v TW – DWI case where client had pulled into a parking lot before the officers interacted with him. We attacked the arrest and got his DWI DISMISSED after another lawyer had represented him for two years with no results.  

State v MB – two cases where client was charged with being someplace illegally. We attacked the legal sufficiency of the evidence and got the case DISMISSED

State V AR – marijuana case where the client was searched illegally. Pointed the infraction out to the state and the state DISMISSED

September 2015
State v BW – Assault case where the client is retired military looking to become a doctor. Forced the state to dismiss the case after a jury had been impaneled.  

State v DM – professional driver who hired us for a traffic ticket trial in midland. Unfortunately the Jury found him guilty and sentenced him to a $25 fine.  

State v JGJ – felony DWI case where we were able to attack the basis for the arrest and get the case dismissed within 3 months. FELONY DISMISSED

August 2015
State v JM - 2 cases, DWI and Failure to stop and give info DISMISSED - client hired us after a year of problems with another lawyer. after we worked to get her on a bond, and set the case for trial, we convinced the state to dismiss both cases right before we picked a jury. both cases DISMISSED.

July 2015
State of Texas v RG - Unlawful Carrying of a weapon case where the officer found a gun in our client's car and claimed he was a gang member making this a class a misdemeanor. We challenged the stop, and search of our client's car as well as questioned whether he was a gang member. After two and a half years of zealous representation the State DISMISSED the case.

State of Texas v MA - reckless driving case where the police alleged our client was racing and sideswiped another vehicle. We took the case to trial where the state admitted they could not prove their case and the case was DISMISSED.

June 2015
State v. JC - deadly conduct case where our client allegedly ran his ex girlfriend's car off the road. In this case our client had immigration issues which required either we win the case or he be deported. Thankfully we were able to challenge the arrest and the state DISMISSED

State v EN - theft case where the client was accused of stealing a stuffed animal from Sea World. Client had always maintained that he did not steal anything and the state was never able to get the video from sea world to show what really happened. After a year and a half of representation we forced the state to DISMISS

State v DG - client had two drug cases resulting from a search of his car. We reviewed the video and found the officers had turned their lights on too early. We filed a motion to suppress and convinced the State to dismiss both cases. DISMISSED

May 2015

State v B. H. - theft case where client was accused of stealing a trailer she borrowed from a friend. Set the case for trial and forced the state to DISMISS.

State v BE - Possession of Marijuana case where we read the police report on the first day and argued that the officers found the marijuana in an illegal way. Set the case for a Motion to Suppress and won the argument. The judge forced the State to DISMISS

State v RF - DWI second, where client was arrested and then skipped on the bond for two years. After setting the case for trial and arguing technical legal points we convinced the District Attorney to DISMISS

State v AJ - Assault case where we took the case to trial. After re-arguing it to a judge and jury for an entire day the jury came back in 15 minutes in favor of our client. -NOT GUILTY VERDICT

State v BP - DWI case were the blood draw was over .15. Took the case to trial and forced the state to dismiss right before picking a Jury - DISMISSED

State v. SS - Felony probation revocation where the client was looking at possibly being sentenced to 20 years in prison. The original offer from the state was to do 10 years, and we filed to have a contested motion in the matter alleging client was treated unfairly by the staff of a treatment facility because she was a lesbian. State ended up changing their offer to continue her on probation and dismiss one of the two cases she was currently on probation for. - CONTINUED ON PROBATION

State v AS - DWI case with a blood draw above a .15. Argued about the science of the blood draw to keep the test out of evidence. Forced the state to dismiss the case after a jury had been picked, thus ensuring a victory for our client. -DISMISSED

April 2015 
State v AM - theft by check case where the state initially wanted over $2000 in restitution. careful analysis of the discovery moved that number down to $72 and once it was paid the state DISMISSED

State v. DR - theft by check case were we successfully argued that the State's delay in seeking prosecution warranted a dismissal of her case. - DISMISSED

State v. LA - Drivers license case where originally the state wanted client to pay over $2000 in fines and fees. we set the case for trial and forced the state to dismiss when they found they couldn't prove a crucial fact. - DISMISSED

State v. CM - case where the client was already on probation for a DWI offense. We were able to get her time to complete her classes and worked with the judge so she didn't serve any extra jail time - MTR WITHDRAWN

State v. EA - Case where the State wanted client to take a conviction on his driving record. At the time we started, client owed more than $8,000 to get his license back. By working with multiple courts and DPS we were able to not only get EA his license back, but ultimately get this new criminal case dismissed - DISMISSED

DPS v DH - drivers license suspension hearing where we set it for a contested motion and forced the department to dismiss the case - DISMISSED

March 2015
State v. DR - theft case were they didn't arrest our client till 3 years after the offense date. Pointed out the legal insufficiency in the case and got the judge to order it DISMISSED.

State of Texas v CM - felony assault case where we presented evidence to the prosecutor and convinced them they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt – DISMISSED

February 2015
State v JG -  DWI where previous attorney left the case because she wouldn't try it. Set the case for trial and got a dismissal for our client.

State v PG - Possession of marijuana case where we attacked the reason for the officer to come into contact with our client. Court agreed and case was dismissed

State v CB - Deadly conduct case where client was charged with driving a car into another person, we attacked the legal basis for the case and got a dismissal.

state v AR - violation of a sexually oriented business code, we showed the state the weakness in the case and they agreed to dismiss.

State v. AB - two traffic tickets and a DWI where the client fired his previous lawyer and hired us. We tried the cases to a jury and got a not guilty verdict and used that to attack the DWI. 

January 2015
State v. DL - failure to ID case where client was approached and gave a false name while he had warrants. We attacked the legal basis of the detention and forced the state to dismiss the case.

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