Never Give Up

RC Pate and client

Three years ago I was hired by a client who desperately wanted to keep his driver’s license.  He asked me to get involved in the ALR hearing for his DWI case.  I told him that to really protect his license he needed to hire me for the whole DWI.  

Initially he only hired me for the ALR hearing.  But when we were able to get the ALR dismissed, he hired us on for the whole case.  

DWI cases come with an awful lot of discovery.  In this particular case, we had over 7 hours of video from three different officers and their patrol cars.  It would be very easy for a lawyer to assume they know what is going to happen in those videos and not watch them completely.  But that’s not how we go about preparing at the Law Office of RC Pate.  We watch every minute. 

The initial police report claimed that a civilian witness saw my client driving before he went into the store and was detained by the officers.  However, the police eventually interviewed that witness on camera about an hour after the arrest.  Lo and behold, the witness tells the officer she didn’t see who was driving.  That’s when the defense became clear.

We filed a motion to suppress the evidence in the case.  We begged for a hearing.  We dealt with being reset over and over again through the pandemic.  But my client had faith that we would be able to provide the correct result for him.  

This was his third arrest for DWI.  But we got the case reduced to an obstruction of a highway.  Most importantly, we made sure his driver’s license was never suspended throughout this time as that was the thing that was his highest priority.  

I’d be lying if I wrote that we can do the same thing in every case.  Every case has it’s own facts.  Every client has their own priorities.  But here at the Law Office of RC Pate, we do our best to ensure that we review all the discovery, and leave no rock unturned in the defense of our clients.