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We Start With the Evidence

While my main focus is on DWIs, I handle all criminal matters, from traffic tickets to murder, drug cases to assaults. I prepare every case as if we were eventually going to trial. That gives us more leverage and the possibility of a better plea bargain – if that ends up being what you choose to take. 

At the Law Office of RC Pate, we take your criminal case very seriously. A great criminal defense is founded on knowledge of the rules of evidence. We start your defense with an understanding of what kind of evidence the prosecutor has against you, focusing on:

  • What we can object to, and
  • What we can contradict.

Understanding the Rules

Defending a criminal case comes down to knowing three different sets of rules:

  1. Constitutional law, including cases from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and special provisions of Texas laws.
  2. The rules of evidence that apply to how evidence is allowed to be presented to a jury. Knowing these rules is important to trying to keep unfavorable evidence out of the purview of a jury, and get it in front of a jury when it is favorable.
  3. The rules of argument. Being persuasively compelling means being able to use a different tone and rhetorical approach when talking to prosecutors, judges and juries. A good criminal defense attorney knows how to be convincing to each audience when pursuing a positive outcome for a client.

Get Help With Your Case Right Now

 It is important that your criminal defense attorney listens to your side of the story and reviews the evidence that the state has against you. I look forward to talking to you about the specific details of your case and finding the right case law, evidentiary objections and types of arguments that will get a good result in your case. Call the Law Office of RC Pate at (210) 757-4373 or fill out the online form to schedule a FREE consultation.

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