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In Texas, there are a number of intoxicated driving offenses:

  • DUI
  • DWI 1st
  • DWI 2nd
  • DWI 3rd or more
  • DWI with Child Passenger
  • Intoxication Assault
  • Intoxication Manslaughter

In each of these cases, it is important to have a DWI lawyer to defend you. At The Law Office of RC Pate, we are proud to apply our diverse skillset to the complex legal matters our clients face. No matter what your situation may be, we are prepared to work with you and help you tell your side of the story.

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DWI Offenses

In Texas, a DWI First Offense is a misdemeanor charge unless there is a serious injury or the person was driving with a child under 15. Punishment can range from $2,000 to $4,000 and 180 days to a year in jail, depending upon the blood alcohol level.

A DWI Second Offense is more serious and has stiffer penalties, with a minimum jail sentence of 30 days and a fine and court costs of up to $4,500. These cases are very important to fight because if you get convicted and are ever accused again, they are felonies.

A DWI Third Offense is a felony-level offense that can result in up to 10 years in prison. If you are charged with a DWI Third or more, you need to talk to a lawyer immediately.

What Is a DUI?

In Texas, a Driving under the Influence (DUI) arrest only applies to people under 21. With the help of a lawyer, you may be able to expunge a DUI from your record.

I Got Arrested – What Should I Do Now?

Contact a DWI lawyer! Many clients decide to talk to several law offices before making a decision, which is reasonable, but we recommend that you do not wait too long or you risk losing your driver’s license. Also, preserve what you remember of the arrest by writing out what happened both before and during your interaction with the police. A trial could be several years away and those details could help with your defense. 

DWI for Drugs

In Texas, Driving While Intoxicated for Drugs is prosecuted under the same statute as Driving While Intoxicated, or DWI. This is not a different crime because the intoxicating substance was something other than alcohol, despite many people thinking it is a separate crime.

DWI Charges where somebody is seriously injured or killed are felonies. A DWI case if you have twice been convicted of DWI is also a felony offense. Otherwise, DWI for Drugs would be treated as a misdemeanor.

Sometimes a case of Driving While Intoxicated for Drugs also has an alcoholic component. Sometimes, it’s just about drugs. In either case, it is important to hire someone who understands the science behind how a lab will look for intoxicants in your body.

RC Pate Is a Lawyer-Scientist

Founding attorney RC Pate has attended several college-level courses specific to gas chromatography. If your case involves gas chromatography or blood measurements of any kind, you should read about a Lawyer-Scientist. RC is the only ACS-CHAL Lawyer scientist taking cases in San Antonio. That doesn’t mean that they can’t represent you, but if these issues are critical to your defense, shouldn’t you hire the lawyer who has studied them?

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