Class C Misdemeanor


In Texas, a Class C Misdemeanor is a fine-only offense. You cannot be ordered to do jail time in a Class C Misdemeanor in Texas.  The United States Constitution categorizes fine only offenses as saying the 6th amendment does not apply.  That means that you cannot get a court appointed attorney to help with your Class C offense.

Almost all traffic tickets are Class C Offenses.  Certain other violations are also Class C Offenses.  Things like public intoxication, disorderly conduct, zoning violations or dog bite cases.  Each and every one of these cases has a particular strategy employed to help defend the accused.  While you will not get a court appointed attorney in these cases, an attorney brings an awful lot of knowledge about the process to help streamline your case. 


Class C Misdemeanors are prosecuted in Justice of the Peace or in Municipal Courts.  These courts often have Judges who are not licensed attorneys.  Sometimes they have strange policies designed to make your life difficult or get you to pay high fees.  Generally a lawyer can help you with those.  

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If you are a Commercial Driver (you have a license that lets you drive big rigs), Class C Misdemeanors can have a big impact on your ability to work.  This is because any moving vioation can result in a commercial driver having their license taken away.  That makes these traffic ticket cases much higher stakes for commercial drivers then for other non-commercial drivers.  

RC has a lot of experience trying these particulair types of cases.  When your job is on the line you want a lawyer who is really going to care for you, your job, and your paricular situation.  You want someone who takes your case seriously.  I'm happy to help defend your license through a trial if necessary.


If you are not a commercial driver, generally your Class C Misdemeanor case can be handled in such a way that is can eventually be expunged.  A skilled attorney can set up your ticket to not appear on your permanent record, and if necessary, completely legally erased.  It is, however, important to handle the case in a particular way.  If you just pay your ticket online, it is likely that you have handled it in a way that will make it forever appear on your permanent record.  For that reason it is important to have a skilled lawyer take care of your class c misdemeanor.


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