Drunk Driving

Experienced, Aggressive & Affordable DUI Lawyer

In Texas, there are a number of types of intoxicated driving offenses. 

  • DUI
  • DWI
  • DWI 2nd
  • DWI 3rd
  • DWI with Child Passenger
  • Intoxication Assault
  • Intoxication Manslaughter

With any DWI case, it is important that you talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. If you hire a lawyer soon enough, they can request an ALR hearing for you. The reason to hire a lawyer for representation in a DWI case is to have them review what evidence can be admitted against you. They do this in two ways: analyzing the evidence for legal objections and reviewing the weight of the admissible evidence in light of a trial.

In every DWI case, the state must prove at trial that a specific person was operating a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated.

Intoxicated means any one of the following: 

  • Having lost the normal use of mental faculties
  • Having lost the normal use of physical faculties
  • Having a blood alcohol concentration above .08 while driving